At CloudStation start, I get the error message that my license is expired or that it can’t connect, while my license should still be active.

If at CloudStation start, you get :

Check if your Firewall and anti-virus allow the CloudStation to connect to the license server.  

If you can’t change the settings, send your license file to , for having the dedicated host and port you  must check.

You can do the following checks: 

  • Test the connection to the license server 

In Windows command prompt, type in the command: 






A successful connection would return a reply similar to: 

  • Test the ports 

In Windows Powershell, type in the command line : 

Test-NetConnection [your_host_address] -p 5053 


Test-NetConnection [your_host_address] -p [XXXX] 

Where [your_host_address] will be the same IP address that you pinged in Windows command prompt, and [XXXX] is the dedicated port obtained from the error message. 

A successful connection would return a result similar to: 

TcpTestSucceeded is what shows the communication is established.

If the test returns False, then contact your IT administrator to open the dedicated IP adress and ports in the security (proxy, firewall, gateways,...).

If you can succesfully reach your license server, but still can't use your CLoudStation license, then please contact YellowScan support :