Difference between point cloud and GCP

List of checks to explain height difference between point cloud and GCP, using trajectory post-processing in CloudStation

There are several explanations to this issue. 

  •  in CloudStation / Generate SBET, check the Payload Configuration : the Preset used, the lever arm values, and the orientation. 

  • in CloudStation / Generate SBET : check the base station coordinates by editing the station used in the SINGLE BASES list. 
    Parameters to be checked are : the coordinates themselves (1), if they match the Reference Frame and Epoch (2), the Antenna height, and measurement method (ARP or APC ) (3).


  • iin CloudStation / Generate SBET, at the Export Parameters stage,  check that the geoid model in used is the right one (4) , or even if Ellipsoidal height should be selected.
  •  in CloudStation / Generate SBET, at the Export Parameters stage, check that the reference frame used and epoch used match the GCP reference frame/epoch (5) (if point cloud would be compared to GCP) 


  • Think that a height difference can also be the consequence of a planimetric shift.