How to export LiDAR point cloud in feet ?

Step-by-step procedure to export the data in the imperial system (feet or us-feet) instead of the metric system

The conversion is done as the last step before exporting the project in CloudStation. The whole 

preprocessing workflow done in POSPac does not need to be changed 


  • Step 1: In the export settings in CloudStation you can choose the desired coordinate system for export. Click on the “Coordinates“ tab and choose “Other“
  • Step 2: Type your desired Coordinate Reference System (CRS) into the search bar (here 3490). Then choose your CRS. Clicking the “New Custom CRS“ button on the right will open a new window where you can define your custom CRS. 
  • Step 3: In the shown text field add “+vunits=us-ft“ to convert the vertical values from metric to imperial values. American CRS will already have imperial values in the X and Y dimension (“+units=us-ft“) so only the Z value has to be converted.