How to format the SD card for camera module ?

Step by step guide to format the microSD card of your camera module using YellowScan USB stick.

It is sometimes mandatory to format the microSD card of your camera module. 

  • This is only for the 2.7.4. version or later (if it is not the case, please check how update your firmware)
  • Insert the SD card on the computer -> right click on the SD Card -> Format -> File system : exFAT-> Start (keep the bow named “Quick format” checked)
  • Insert the USB stick on the computer and create an empty file named sonyMicroSDFormat at the root level (ATTENTION ! No extension!)
  • Insert the SD card to the camera module
  • Insert the USB stick to the system
  • The system needs to be connected to its GNSS antenna (and receive signals)
  • Power the system on
  • The camera’s LED will flash orange and wait for the camera’s green LED to be stable
  • To make sure that the formatting has been done, please take the USB Stick, open it on your computer, the txt file will be gone and on the logfile the following process will be visible (see picture 2