Compatibility with Emlid Reach RS2

Is the the Emlid Reach RS2 compatible with the YellowScan products when it comes to conducting POSPac post processing.?

Trajectory correction requires 1Hz rinex frequency to obtain optimal results. Time formats from Emlid default rinex appears providing errors during POSPac import.

It is required to have particular export parameters from the rinex converter software from Emlid RTKCONV.

Answer has been provided in Emlid community forum :

It is copied below :

“We’ve found a way to convert RINEX data from Reach RS2 so that the time becomes an integer. To get the integer time in RINEX data, you should specify the -TADJ=0.1 option in the Receiver Options field in RTKConv Options as it’s shown on the screenshot below:

However, this is not required for OPUS as it accepts standard RINEX data recorded on Reach RS2.

According to AUSPOS, their service can’t work with L2C data. Therefore Reach logs won’t process with AUSPOS. However, AUSPOS is working on the update that will enable this functionality in future versions.

Also, I’d like to point out that RTKLib version 2.4.3 Emlid b28 is designed for Reach RS+ and Reach M+ receivers and, therefore, outputs L1 data only after conversion. I assume that’s the reason why OPUS aborted the submitted data.

For Reach RS2, there is an RTKLib version 2.4.3 b31 that can be downloaded from our docs.”’