What are the minimum requirements for installing CloudStation ?

The minimum requirements for running CloudStation are summarized in the table below, as well as the recommended hardware to run it. CloudStation modules may require more computing power:
– Strip Adjustment and Colorization are using more CPU power
– Terrain module benefits from the GPU to perform interpolations
– Lastly, Colorization also benefits from additional RAM


  Minimal requirement Recommended configuration
CPU Intel or AMD 4C/8T CPU
with SSE4.2 support
Intel or AMD CPU
(high core count, high frequency)
GPU Intel integrated graphics Dedicated Nvidia GPU with
at least 4Gb dedicated VRAM
RAM 8 Gb 1 Gb per CPU thread
Storage 500 Mb (for CS installation) 1 Tb NVMe SSD
Display 1600x900 1920x1080, 4K