Why do I get error C0X000507?

During processing with CloudStation, error C0X000507 occurs.

There are various factors that can cause this error to be displayed. Most of them are related to data generation. To better identify or even solve the issue, please follow the workflow below:

  • The storage space available on the disk you use to process your acquisition. As a general rule, remember to have at least twice the project space (raw data including photos if photo acquisition has been performed). For a dataset with 2 GB of raw data and 3 GB of photos, you'll need at least 10 GB of available disk space to process without error CX000507 appearing. Check this on CLoudStation welcome page :
  • Uncheck the SBET file and re-generate. If the error disappears, the issue comes from an error on the SBET file, please re-generate it, and check the validity of your flightlines time boundaries (they are sometimes valid on the raw trajectory, but no more on the post-processed trajectory).
  • Try to re-generate by opening scan angles to 100%, setting min. scan distance to 0 and disabling remove outliers.
  • If this still doesn't work, do the same as above, but create a single flight line covering the entire flight.

If, despite these various actions, the error persists, please fill in our support form and add the CloudStation log files: