Why is POSPac trajectory post-processing not valid ?

Here is the checks to be done for trajectories that can't be processed automatically by POSPac or by the CloudStation trajectory post-processing, even if the flights were valid.

When processing the trajectory within CloudStation, you get this error at the end of the processing :

If processing with POSPac, you would get an error similar to this :
The Forward processed trajectory (PNAV, in green) would usually look very inconsistent with the real-time trajectory (RNAV, in pink):


  • In both case, open the QC report, and check the graph named "Real-time trajectory, Reference Frame / Altitude"
    If the altitude presents a long time on the ground before or after landing, then the solution might be to simply trim the trajectory.
  • Note the take-off and landing time:

(you can zoom to get a more precise timing) :


  • To adjust the time range, you'll need to process the trajectory in POSPac. Start the porcessing as usual (see your POSPac User Manual). But before to launch the GNSS-Inertial Processor, go to Project Settings / GNSS-In Fusion / Timing and enter the timing entered previously.

  • Continue the processing as usual (see your POSPac User manual). The GNSS-Inertial Processor should proceed till the normal end, and the Post-processed trajectory (SBET in green) would be close to the Real-time trajectory (RNAV, in pink).
  • Export the sbet solution, and use the sbet in CloudStation .